Toilet Paper Wars: Scott 1000 vs. Willow (Aldi) 1000

Ok, weird topic, but I know it has to be relevant to somebody, somewhere since toilet paper is a household staple. Unless maybe your name is Gilligan.

Let’s face it. Toilet paper math is hard. Don’t believe me?
Check the labels next time you’re in the paper aisle.

6 double rolls = 12 standard rolls. Ok, whose standard?
8 super mega rolls = 18 regular rolls. Ummm, right.
12 extra biggie large rolls = 32 (y – 3x + 2) original rolls. *head explodes*


In the interest of saving time, money, and my sanity I stick with one brand of toilet paper. Scott 1000 sheets.

Before you berate me for my choice of tracing paper, er, I mean bath tissue, consider this: I have, at a minimum, four people (sometimes five) using the bathroom all. day. long. We go through a roll of Angel Soft faster than a popsicle melts in July.

Besides, when the kids inevitably load up the bowl with half a roll of Scott, I can guarantee that sucker’s not gonna clog. Can your blue and red bears promise that?

Side note: my husband’s name is also Scott, so we get a lot of mileage out of those 1000 sheets. 😉

If you’re an occasional user who enjoys their luxury plush paper so thick you could insulate your pipes, this post isn’t for you. You fancy. Go enjoy flushing your money and read your stack of magazines that you bought for the full retail price. Let the toilet paper plebs have their talk.

My price point per roll is 50 cents or less. In years past, I could typically coupon or score a good deal on Amazon with very little effort.
Lately, it seems that a lot of the convenient, great priced deals have dried up.

As an avid Aldi shopper, I was curious to try their house brand equivalent of Scott 1000 sheets and see how it compares and holds up.

Let’s put Willow 1000 sheets to the test.

1. Price

Here’s my non-scientific findings (and obvious proof that I have too much time on my hands):Obviously this matters to you, or you wouldn’t have read this far. Although the price of Scott 1000 can vary from store to store, the average retail price is about a dollar per roll give or take.

On the other hand, Willow 1000 is about half the price at $.50 per roll.

Yes, I know some times you can score a killer deal on the name brand for less than the generic price, but this comparison is for those days when you’re in the deal desert.

2. Weight

We know they’re both 1000 sheets long, but since I don’t have the fancy tools to measure such minuscule thickness (nor do I care quite that much), I decided to compare weight on my trusty postal scale.

A negligible difference, with Scott coming in as the heavy weight champ by half an ounce.

3. Visible Thickness

We all know we’re buying thin tp when we pick up a pack of 1000 sheets, but as you can see there is an ever so slight difference in transparency between the two. What Willow lacks in thickness it makes up for it with its fancy schmancy quilted design.

4. Physical Roll Size

It stands to reason, if the ply is thinner the overall roll size will be a bit smaller. You can see it the photo that the Scott roll (bottom) is slightly fatter.

5. Practical Application

After observing Willow 1000’s visual shortcomings I honestly did not have high hopes for execution of its intended use.

Color me pleasantly surprised.

I think I actually prefer it.

The roll lasts just as long in my house as the name brand and has the familiar feel of your friendly neighborhood public restroom with the septic safe satisfaction of clear pipes. However, there was an added bonus.

We no longer experience little bits of shredded “left overs.”

Despite its fragile appearance, the Willow seems to be a bit sturdier when in use, so that’s a win for me.

Bravo, Willow.

Stay tuned for new posts featuring more of my Aldi favorites!


  • Robin Romack

    I too have compared those and enjoyed your ind breakdown. I used to do that with bath soap. Have you tried the Family Dollar version?
    I like the willow too!


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